As always read out-loud as the vibrations of your voice go out into the atmosphere!

May the Blood of Yeshua encapsulate every demonic declaration, plot, assignment, scheme, trap, ritual, agreement with hell and the grave of the enemy, and may laser-guided, Holy Spirit inspired, prayers of the saints penetrate those attacks, obliterating them before ANY damage is done, in the Mighty Name and authority of Jesus the Messiah.

 Abba, give your watchmen the words and strategies from your throne, your heart, to do GREAT DAMAGE to the enemy’s camp; show yourself mighty in these our days. Release the Spirit of the true Fear of God upon our nation, especially among those who claim to ‘know’ you.

 Father, your word (Luke 10:19) states that you have given us, your children, AUTHORITY to trample on serpents and scorpions (evil entities) and over ALL the Enemy’s power;  throw those, who are following the Enemy’s orders, into chaos and confusion; may their ‘declarations’ of death and destruction to our nation and people return upon their own heads, bringing them down, neutralizing and paralyzing them instead. May they turn on one another, creating implosion—internal detonation, one layer upon the other (the way Building 7 pancaked down into its own footprint), with minimal collateral damage, in Jesus’ name. 

 Bind the ‘children of pride’ in their own web of deceit and deception, making escape impossible; bring down their “tower of power” upon their own heads! Give them NO place to hide, No help, No rest, until they EITHER fall on their knees, repenting and pleading for Your forgiveness, and turn from their evil ways, receiving your offer of salvation, OR do whatever it takes to remove them.

 Abba, may a banner of Righteousness be raised in the midst of the Body of believers in the United States of America, under which your children can unite in your love and spirit and purpose to exhibit the true Gospel of the Kingdom to this nation and across the earth. Amen.